MAUD tutorial - Converting image data to spectra

This tutorial is available at the CCP14 web site

Important note by the Maud author: Recently Maud got a revision in the area mentioned by the tutorial and you may find some differencies between what it is mentioned in the tutorial and the program. In particular all the relevant changes are concerning the part in the tutorial where it is written: "After selection choose from the menu Analyze, Plot Profile and a window....". From Maud version 1.66 or later the "Analyze, Plot Profile" should read: "Plugins, Plot Spectrum". Again the window that will appear will contains also some different fields. Actually instead of the starting and ending point, you will find a Starting field and a Delta plus a Radius. It is intended for curved films or image plate in the horizontal plane. If Radius is zero, you can put in degrees the starting angle of the selection and the extension in degrees of the selection. If Radius is different from zero it is intended as the curvature radius of the 2D detector in mm and the starting and delta values should be the distance in mm of the beginning of the selection respect to the zero fixed where the primary beam will hit the detector (around a circle), and the length of the selection (also in mm).

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